Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ballbust Memories: I really enjoy kicking guys in the nuts

Call me sadistic, but I really enjoy kicking guys in the nuts. It's a great way to relieve stress and you know it's gotta hurt them pretty badly. xD Of course, I only do it to guys who really deserve it though. I've never done it to anyone just for the hell of it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ballbust Desires: What is... kicked in the balls!

Post Dec. 2008 by MmeFrost
In the midst of learning about male and female physiology one day in class, one student, the ever-so-innocent one, asked, "So when guys get kicked in the balls, is that why their stomach hurts?" Uhh... I say this is a no brainer. The male students all laugh, and the teacher is rendered speechless. However, I got curious, what makes guys clench in pain when they get kicked below the belt, the reason why females feel dominant and proud to be what they are. 
I've done several searches to figure out what getting kicked in the balls mean, and although warned, I learned from a serious article about the best way to kick a man in his balls for my own sick curiosity. There are many ways to kick between a man's thighs but not hurt the man as much, and one is kicking him in the middle of his nuts. When you kick in the middle of a male's external genitalia, both "balls" go up evenly, dissipating the pain. It will hurt, but not enough to disable a scary rapist coming after you. Note to self, don't kick a guy in the middle of his nuts.

The correct way: kick the scary rapist on one of his nuts. It may take practice and knowledge of martial arts to strike at such a small "ball," but it can be done effectively. When attacked, strike at either the left or right ball with pointed toes. When you decrease the area you strike and focus your force into one small attack, the ball kicked will hurt a lot because only one ball goes up. Serious damage is inflicted because both balls are not leveled in the hit. Yes, this is the pain a guy feels when he falls on the ground, begging his mommy for help. Sick!
Well, that answers it! Yes, a guy clenches his lower abdominal area but it's not like getting kicked in the stomach. Hope this was educational to all of you. Boys, good luck protecting your balls!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ballbust Memories: My friend kicked his balls so hard he lost one

Jenny Penny (Post Feb. 2009)
one of my friends was going out with tis guy and found out he was sleeping with her sister so she kicked him in the balls really hard he had to get one of his boys taken away.

Ballbust Memories: I kick guys in the nuts all the time

aiyukilover (Forum Post Jan 2008)
I kick guys in the nuts all the time. Well, only when they deserve it, which is often. Although there was this one guy, a friend of mine and I kicked him all the time for no reason in particular. I got him in the balls more than once. He was fun, and such a good sport. I remember this one time we were standing in the lunch time and I nailed him right smack on the poor guy sank to the floor and couldn't stand for a good 20 minutes. Thnx to us though he's probably damaged for life, or at the very least his chances of reproducing hv lowered--although that's a good thing in his case.